A hybrid COA$\epsilon$-constraint method for solving multi-objective problems


In this paper, a hybrid method for solving multi-objective problem has been provided. The proposed method is combining the ε-Constraint and the Cuckoo algorithm. First the multi objective problem transfers into a single-objective problem using ε-Constraint, then the Cuckoo optimization algorithm will optimize the problem in each task. At last the optimized Pareto frontier will be drawn. The advantage of this method is the high accuracy and the dispersion of its Pareto frontier. In order to testing the efficiency of the suggested method, a lot of test problems have been solved using this method. Comparing the results of this method with the results of other similar methods shows that the Cuckoo algorithm is more suitable for solving the multi-objective problems.

DOI: 10.5121/ijfcst.2015.5503

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