A human flora-associated rat model of the breast-fed infant gut.

  title={A human flora-associated rat model of the breast-fed infant gut.},
  author={Christine Ann Edwards and C J Rumney and Margaret Frances Davies and Alison Parrett and Jo{\"e}l Dore and Françoise Martin and Joachim Schmitt and Bernd Stahl and Elisabeth Norin and Tore Midtvedt and Ian R. Rowland and Patricia Heavey and Henrik K{\"o}hler and Beate Stocks and Horst Schroten},
  journal={Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition},
  volume={37 2},
OBJECTIVES Bacterial colonization of the infant gut may have important influences on the development of gastrointestinal, respiratory, and allergic disease. Early diet is a major determinant of the gut microflora. It is very difficult to carry out studies in human infants that can investigate the interaction of diet, flora, and mucosa. In this study we have developed an infant human flora-associated (IHFA) rat model to allow such investigation. METHODS Germ-free infant rats were infected with… CONTINUE READING