A human cDNA library for high-throughput protein expression screening.

  title={A human cDNA library for high-throughput protein expression screening.},
  author={Konrad B{\"u}ssow and Eckhard Nordhoff and Christian Luebbert and Hans Lehrach and Gerald Walter},
  volume={65 1},
We have constructed a human fetal brain cDNA library in an Escherichia coli expression vector for high-throughput screening of recombinant human proteins. Using robot technology, the library was arrayed in microtiter plates and gridded onto high-density filter membranes. Putative expression clones were detected on the filters using an antibody against the N-terminal sequence RGS-His(6) of fusion proteins. Positive clones were rearrayed into a new sublibrary, and 96 randomly chosen clones were… CONTINUE READING


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