A home program of long-term total parenteral nutrition in children.


Three children--ages 4 months, 5 months, and 14 years--have been on a program of total parenteral nutrition at home for ten, 23 and 44 months respectively, as of January, 1978. Using a specially designed silicone rubber catheter, placed in the right atrium, total nutritional needs of these children were delivered nightly by family members; the children carried out normal activity during the day with the catheter line maintained by a heparin lock. Normal skeletal development and weight gain have been achieved while allowing these children normal social and psychlogic development outside the hospital. During the course of the therapy the patients had multiple metabolic abnormalities which were successfully treated by replacement therapy. The duration of catheter patency ranged from three to 22 months. Catheter sepsis or mechanical failure occasionally required catheter removal and replacement.

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