A history of the sub-order Cystonectae (Hydrozoa: Siphonophorae).

  title={A history of the sub-order Cystonectae (Hydrozoa: Siphonophorae).},
  author={Philip R. Pugh},
  volume={4669 1},
  • P. Pugh
  • Published 13 September 2019
  • Biology
  • Zootaxa
The siphonophore sub-order Cystonectae presently comprises just five species in three genera and two families, and includes Physalia physalis, the Portuguese Man O'War. Despite the smallness of the group its history has been very chequered, particularly for P. physalis, which has been described under more than fifty different names. Haeckel (1888) was one of the worst offenders regarding the description of questionable species, but even Totton (1965) was uncertain as to the validity of some… 

First shallow record of Bathyphysa conifera (Studer, 1878) (Siphonophora, Cystonectae), a live specimen in the Strait of Gibraltar. Worldwide species distribution review.

The rarely observed cystonect siphonophore Bathyphysa conifera was recorded for the first time in shallow depth water (- 16 m) as a live specimen, at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea by SCUBA

Morphology and development of the Portuguese man of war, Physalia physalis

This work looks at live and fixed larval and juvenile specimens, and uses optical projection tomography to build on existing knowledge about the morphology and development of this species, and proposes a framework for homologizing the axes with other siphonophores.

New records of rare species in the Mediterranean Sea (December 2022)

This Collective Article presents information on 20 taxa belonging to five (5) Phyla: Cnidaria (2), Mollusca (8), Arthropoda (4), Echinodermata (1) and Chordata (5) recorded from the Alboran Sea to