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A history of the Ulster Unionist Party: Protest, pragmatism and pessimism

  title={A history of the Ulster Unionist Party: Protest, pragmatism and pessimism},
  author={Graham Walker},
This is the first substantial history to trace the political development of the Ulster Unionist Party through the years of protest and opposition to Irish Home Rule to the half-century as a governing party within Northern Ireland, and beyond to the current attempts to bring peace to the Province. It demonstrates why the Party is so central to efforts to reach a political settlement, and explains why it has for so long been the main political voice of the pro-Union electorate in Northern Ireland… Expand
War, Patriotism, and the Ulster Unionist Council, 1914-18
B    over Irish Home Rule had troubled and distorted British politics for two decades. Failed Gladstonian attempts in  and  to provide Ireland with a semiautonomous governmentExpand
‘Unionist Derry is Ulster’s Panama’: The Northern Ireland Labour Party and the Civil Rights Issue
Abstract Debates over the nature, significance and legacy of the Northern Ireland civil rights movement tend to stress its Catholic and irredentist character. This article takes a different approachExpand
The Progressive Unionist Party of Northern Ireland: A Left-Wing Voice in an Ethnically Divided Society
The Progressive Unionist party (PUP) was formed in the late 1970s and is one of the smallest political parties in Northern Ireland, both in terms of its membership size and its share of the vote,Expand
The Conservative Party and Ulster Unionism: A Case of Elective Affinity
This article engages with the perennial matter of the relationship between ideas and interests in British party politics, in particular that relationship within Conservative and Unionist politics.Expand
The Ulster Covenant and the pulse of Protestant Ulster
The signing of the Ulster Covenant on 28 September 1912 by almost 450,000 men and women was a powerful act of defiance on the part of Unionists in the context of what they perceived as the threat toExpand
Fur-Coat Unionism: Dame Dehra Parker (1882–1963)
Ronald MacNeill, in what amounts to the official history of Ulster Unionism before partition, paid tribute to ‘The women of Ulster [who] were scarcely less active than the men in the matter ofExpand
Northern Ireland: The Union and Devolution
There is a certain irony in the fact that the most devout supporters of the Union between 1921 and 1972 inhabited the one part of the United Kingdom that had legislative devolution. In NorthernExpand
  • Colin W. Reid
  • Sociology
  • Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
  • 2017
ABSTRACT This paper examines ideas about democratic legitimacy and sovereignty within Ulster unionist political thought during the revolutionary period in Ireland (c. 1912–22). Confronted by IrishExpand
Not quite as British as Finchley: the failed attempt to bring British Conservatism to Northern Ireland
In a previous issue of Irish Studies Review I examined the unanticipated emergence in the late 1980s of a series of Conservative associations in Northern Ireland. In this follow-up article, I willExpand
“For God and for the Crown”: Contemporary Political and Social Attitudes among Orange Order Members in Northern Ireland
The Protestant Orange Order is the largest organization in civil society in Northern Ireland. From 1905 until 2005, the Order was linked to the Ulster Unionist Party, until recently the dominantExpand