A history of the Queen's Nursing Institute: 100 years, 1887–1987


problems in the congenital variety which would have been unaffected by a simple tenotomy. What was done for the deformity, pes calcaneo-valgus? Little was fluent in French, and later German. Was the "Dissertatio inaguralis medica: symbolae ad talipedem varum cognoscendum", presented for a Berlin MD in 1837, in Latin throughout and, if so, was it composed by Little? It is regrettable that Dr Scheichkorn's energy and enthusiasm, which twice carried him across the Atlantic, were unable to encompass rigorous revision of the manuscript: errors of typography, grammar, and even of fact abound. If these could be rectified, a second edition would be more worthy ofits great subject and a greater credit to its author. Nevertheless, he does not fall below a B . J. W. Dickson

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