A history of Saudi Arabia

  title={A history of Saudi Arabia},
  author={Madawi Al‐rasheed},
This updated edition analyses the challenges, both internal and external, facing Saudi Arabia in the twenty-first century. Two new chapters discuss the political, economic and social developments in the aftermath of 9/11, painting a vivid picture of a country shocked by terrorism and condemned by the international community. Madawi Al-Rasheed reveals that fragmentation of royal politics, a failing economy and fermenting Islamist dissent posed serious threats to state and society in 2001. She… Expand
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Opening up the economy proved easier than anticipated, as the country started benefiting from the rise in oil prices that began
  • 2003
Husayn invades Kuwait Sa udi women defy the ban on women driving in Riyadh
  • 1990
Husayn invades Kuwait Sacudi women defy the ban on women driving in Riyadh
  • 1990
Map 2 Saudi Arabia, main tribes
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (London: Stacey International,
  • 1990
Map 2. Saudi Arabia, main tribes
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (London: Stacey International,
  • 1990
King Sa ud abdicates
  • 1964
ARAMCO workers organise the first demonstration 1955 A plot for a coup by Sa udi army officers discovered 1956 Sa udi ARAMCO workers riot in the eastern province
  • 1961
The ikhwan rebel against Ibn Sa ud 1928 Ibn Sa ud meets the Riyadh ulama
  • 1927
Ibn Sa ud establishes the first ikhwan settlement, Art.awiyyah, for the Mut.ayr tribe
  • 1912