A history and market analysis of tourism in Tanzania

  title={A history and market analysis of tourism in Tanzania},
  author={Derek J. Wade and B. C. Mwasaga and P. Eagles},
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Tanzania contains some of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Following major reforms in its foreign tourism policies in the mid-1980s, tourism has increased to become the nation’s second leading foreign exchange earner. Tanzania is a less developed nation than its East African neighbours, and seeks to o!er a low-density, high-quality, and high-priced tourism experience. Numerous de"ciencies, however, are present in its tourism product. A lack of infrastructure, trained sta!, and legal and… Expand
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By some accounts, Tanzania is second from the bottom on the poverty scale in Africa, although this position is disputed by experts. Apart from the 1964 revolution in Zanzibar and a short-lived m yExpand
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