A historical commentary on Plutarch’s Life of Demetrius

  title={A historical commentary on Plutarch’s Life of Demetrius},
  author={Thomas Rose},
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Messene besieged: A note on two (?) engagements in the Peloponnese
Plutarch does not always accurately convey in his Life of Demetrius either the correct chronology of particular events, or the specific motivations behind military operations undertaken byExpand


Landscapes of Defense: Kastro Kallithea and Its Role in Fourth-Century Achaia Phthiotis.
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Ruler cult and the Early Hellenistic City
The Archons of Athens in the Hellenistic Age
the help of the head in New York (see my Sculpture and Sculptors,2 figs. 533 and 534). The Grilneisen head has the misunderstood features usual in a forgery: the hair is continued above the vizor;Expand
Diodorus and the chronology of the Third Diadoch War
This article analyzes the chronology of the Third Diadoch War (315–311 b.c.), mainly on the basis of Diodorus' narrative in Book 19, and proposes a reconstruction combining the high and the lowExpand
Porneion: Prostitution in Athenian Civic Space.
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The Ancient Harbours of the Piraeus: the Zea Shipsheds and Slipways, 2 volumes
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Marrying Athena: A Note on Clement Protrepticus 4.54
In his Protrepticus (4.54.2�6), Clement relates a lurid story of an Athenian offer of the goddess Athena as a bride for Demetrius Poliorcetes. I argue that this story arises from the retrojection ofExpand
The Last Marriage and the Death of Lysimachus
The crisis of succession near the end of Lysimachus' reign was prompted by the altered fortunes of his wife Arsinoe once her brother became king of Egypt as Ptolemy II in 285 B.C.
The location of the opisthodomos : Evidence from the temple of athena parthenos inventories
The Treasury of Athena on the Acropolis in Athens was originally located in a room known as the Opisthodomos in the Old Temple of Athena Polias (the Archaios Neos). After 406/5 B.C.E., it was movedExpand