A histone fold TAF octamer within the yeast TFIID transcriptional coactivator

  title={A histone fold TAF octamer within the yeast TFIID transcriptional coactivator},
  author={William Selleck and Ryan Howley and Qiaojun Fang and Vladimir Podolny and M. G. Fried and Stephen Buratowski and Song Wei Benjamin Tan},
  journal={Nature Structural Biology},
Gene activity in a eukaryotic cell is regulated by accessory factors to RNA polymerase II, which include the general transcription factor complex TFIID, composed of TBP and TBP-associated factors (TAFs). Three TAFs that contain histone fold motifs (yTAF17, yTAF60 and yTAF61) are critical for transcriptional regulation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and are found in both TFIID and SAGA, a multicomponent histone acetyltransferase transcriptional coactivator. Although these three TAFs were… CONTINUE READING
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