A histone chaperone, DEK, transcriptionally coactivates a nuclear receptor.

  title={A histone chaperone, DEK, transcriptionally coactivates a nuclear receptor.},
  author={Shun Sawatsubashi and Takuya Murata and Jinseon Lim and Ryoji Fujiki and Saya Ito and Eriko Suzuki and Masahiko Tanabe and Yue Zhao and Shuhei Kimura and Sally Fujiyama and Takashi Ueda and Daiki Umetsu and Takashi Ito and Ken-ichi Takeyama and Shigeaki Kato},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={24 2},
Chromatin reorganization is essential for transcriptional control by sequence-specific transcription factors. However, the molecular link between transcriptional control and chromatin reconfiguration remains unclear. By colocalization of the nuclear ecdysone receptor (EcR) on the ecdysone-induced puff in the salivary gland, Drosophila DEK (dDEK) was genetically identified as a coactivator of EcR in both insect cells and intact flies. Biochemical purification and characterization of the… CONTINUE READING
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