A histological study of the corpus callosum in chronic schizophrenia.


As a followup to a post-mortem study of the brains of schizophrenic and control subjects where the corpus callosum was found to be significantly thicker anteriorly in early onset compared to late onset schizophrenia, histological sections of 18 schizophrenic, 7 manic-depressive, and 11 medical/surgical control subjects were prepared using a stain for glia and a stain for callosal fibers. A quantitative study of the concentration of glial cells and interhemispheric callosal fibers revealed no difference between groups. A neuropathologist unaware of the tissue origin rated the histological sections for gliosis. There was significantly more severe gliosis in the callosi of the late onset schizophrenics compared to early onset schizophrenics as well as the control group. These preliminary findings suggesting callosal pathology are discussed, and the need for further studies is stressed.

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