A histologic evaluation of the accuracy of TMJ diagnostic arthroscopy.

  title={A histologic evaluation of the accuracy of TMJ diagnostic arthroscopy.},
  author={Ralph G Merrill and Wei Yung Yih and M J Langan},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology},
  volume={70 3},
Sixty-seven temporomandibular joints with internal derangement were examined with arthroscopy, and synovial biopsies were taken for histologic evaluation. Histologically, in 10 cases, the synovium appeared to be normal in appearance, 24 cases had moderate to severe synovitis, 11 cases showed hyperplastic synovitis, 13 cases showed synovial fibrosis, and foreign body granuloma was found in 9 cases. Correlation between arthroscopic observation and histologic findings disclosed an 89.1… CONTINUE READING
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