A highly conserved lens transcriptional control element from the Pax-6 gene

  title={A highly conserved lens transcriptional control element from the Pax-6 gene},
  author={Sonya C Williams and Curtis R Altmann and Robert L. Chow and Ali Hemmati-Brivanlou and Richard A Lang},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
We have identified a short segment of the mouse Pax-6 gene 5' flanking region that is necessary and sufficient for reporter construct expression in components of the eye derived from non-neural ectoderm. This transcriptional control element has a highly conserved nucleotide sequence over 341 bp and is located approximately 3.5 kb upstream of the start-point for transcription from the most proximal promoter (PO) of the Pax-6 gene. The level of identity between the human and mouse Pax-6 genes in… CONTINUE READING


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