A highly bent fragment of Crithidia fasciculata kinetoplast DNA.

  title={A highly bent fragment of Crithidia fasciculata kinetoplast DNA.},
  author={P A Kitchin and Vincent Klein and Kathleen A. Ryan and K L Gann and Carol A Rauch and Dong Soo Kang and R. D. Wells and Paul T. Englund},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={261 24},
Kinetoplast DNA minicircles from Crithidia fasciculata contain a single major region of bent helix. Restriction fragments containing this bent helix have electrophoretic behavior on polyacrylamide gels which is much more anomalous than that of previously studied bent fragments. Therefore, the C. fasciculata fragments probably have a more extreme curvature. Sequencing part of a cloned minicircle revealed an unusual structure for the bent region. In a sequence of 200 bases, the bent region… CONTINUE READING
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