A high-voltage CMOS VLSI programmable fluidic processor chip

  title={A high-voltage CMOS VLSI programmable fluidic processor chip},
  author={K. Wayne Current and K. S. Yuk and Charles McConaghy and P. Gascoyne and J. Schwartz and Jody V. Vykoukal and Craig Andrews},
  journal={Digest of Technical Papers. 2005 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, 2005.},
A high-voltage (HV) SOI CMOS VLSI chip has been demonstrated to transport droplets on programmable paths across its coated surface. This HV exciter for a fluidic lab-on-a-chip system creates dielectrophoretic forces that move and help inject droplets. Electrode excitation voltage and frequency are variable: at 100V, f/sub ELECmax/ = 200Hz. Data communication rate is variable up to 250kHz. This 10,377/spl mu/m-by-8210/spl mu/m demonstration chip has a 32/spl times/32 array of nominally 100V… CONTINUE READING