A high-throughput screening method for amino acid dehydrogenase.


A simple and rapid screening method for amino acid dehydrogenase (e.g., leucine dehydrogenase, LDH) has been developed. It relies on a competitive relationship between a non-fluorescent Cu(II)-calcein complex and amino acid (e.g., l-2-aminobutyric acid, l-ABA). When ABA was introduced to a Cu(II)-calcein solution, it bound with the Cu(II) ions and this released calcein from the complex, which was detected as strong fluorescence. The principle of this high-throughput screening method was validated by screening an LDH mutant library. Compared with other methods, this method provided much quicker l-ABA detection and screening for leucine dehydrogenase mutations.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ab.2015.11.012

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@article{Xu2016AHS, title={A high-throughput screening method for amino acid dehydrogenase.}, author={Jian-Miao Xu and Fang-Tian Fu and Haifeng Hu and Yuguo Zheng}, journal={Analytical biochemistry}, year={2016}, volume={495}, pages={29-31} }