A high-quality catalog of the Drosophila melanogaster proteome

  title={A high-quality catalog of the Drosophila melanogaster proteome},
  author={Erich Brunner and Christian H. Ahrens and Sonali Mohanty and Hansruedi Baetschmann and Sandra N. Loevenich and Frańk Potthast and Eric W. Deutsch and Christian Panse and Ulrik de Lichtenberg and Oliver Rinner and Hookeun Lee and Patrick G. A. Pedrioli and Johan Malmstrom and Katja K{\"o}hler and Sabine Schrimpf and Jeroen Krijgsveld and Floyd Kregenow and Albert J. R. Heck and Ernst Hafen and Ralph Schlapbach and Ruedi Aebersold},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
Understanding how proteins and their complex interaction networks convert the genomic information into a dynamic living organism is a fundamental challenge in biological sciences. As an important step towards understanding the systems biology of a complex eukaryote, we cataloged 63% of the predicted Drosophila melanogaster proteome by detecting 9,124… CONTINUE READING