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A high prevalence of hypertension in rural Sierra Leone.

  title={A high prevalence of hypertension in rural Sierra Leone.},
  author={D. E. Williams and Durodami Radcliffe Lisk},
  journal={West African journal of medicine},
  volume={17 2},
A cross sectional survey to determine the mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure, prevalence of hypertension, and possible risk factors in two villages, Kychum and Njala Komboya, in Sierra Leone was carried out. A total of 463 subjects were investigated. Hypertension was defined according to WHO criteria, i.e. a systolic pressure equal or greater than 160 mmHg, and/or diastolic equal or greater than 95 mmHg. The mean systolic blood pressure for the total population was 131.39 +/- 26.85 mmHg… 

Prevalence of hypertension in the Gambia and Sierra Leone, western Africa: a cross-sectional study

Improvements in educational, public health, economic, non-governmental and governmental efforts in the Gambia and Sierra Leone may lead to a lower prevalence of HTN, which may be a major contributor to CVD in both countries.

Predictors of Hypertension in a Population of Undergraduate Students in Sierra Leone

It was found that BMI and age were statistically significant predictors of systolic and diastolic blood pressure but that the explanatory power was low and men may be more sensitive than women to an increase in BMI on blood pressure.

To Determine the Relative Factors on Hypertension in Kohrang, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province, 2007

This survey was a population–based case-control study and the chi-square test and conditional logistic regression model was used and the data were analyzed by STATA.

Effect of Life Style Risk Factors on Prevalence of Hypertension in A Defined Urban Population of Rewa

It was observed that one fifth of general public’s are hypertensive which suggests that peoples should be screened regularly, and healthy habits should be promoted amongst general public by different types of interventions.

Lifestyle and blood pressure characteristics of individuals in a semi urban community of the North-East, Nigeria

  • B. Nwankwo
  • Medicine
    journal of Medical Science And clinical Research
  • 2019
Self reported physical activity and the ingestion of diets with good servings of fruits and vegetables were frequently reported while cigarette smoking and use of alcohol were rare among the study participants, and risk factors for hypertension in this study include kola nut ingestion.

The Relationship between Reported Self-Care Practices and Blood Pressure Levels of Hypertensive Clients at a Provincial Hospital in Zimbabwe. -

The relationship between reported self-care practices and blood pressure levels of hypertensive clients at Bindura Provincial Hospital and Pearson's correlational and simple regression analyses were used to determine the effect and strength of the relationship.

Cardiovascular disease risk profile and management among people 40 years of age and above in Bo, Sierra Leone: A cross-sectional study

The need and access to care for people with CVDRF and the preparedness of the health system to treat these in Bo, Sierra Leone are described and facility readiness to provide care is low.

Outcomes of craniotomies for chronic subdural hematoma in Sierra Leone

Flap craniotomy for cSDH was safely performed by a traumatologist/general surgeon in a developing country where there is no neuro-surgical service and the outcome of the patients was favorable as there was co-management with the surgical and medical team.

A Study On Effect Of Life Style Risk Factors On Prevalence Of Hypertension Among White Collar Job People Of Surat

It was observed that one third of the bank employees are hypertensive which suggests that white collar job people should be screened regularly and healthy habits should be promoted among this type of group by different types of interventions.