A hexaicosametallic copper(II) phosphonate.


Structure and characterization of [Cu26{2,3,5,6-(Me)4C6H-CH2-PO3}18(μ2-OH)4(μ3-OH)6(μ4-Cl)6(μ-OH2)2(OH2)2(MeCN)4]·6MeCN·15H2O (1) is reported. Complex 1 is the largest discrete molecular homometallic transition metal phosphonate assembly. Remarkably, this gigantic molecular phosphonate has been prepared at room temperature using a normal solution synthetic method.

DOI: 10.1039/c3dt00103b

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@article{Chandrasekhar2013AHC, title={A hexaicosametallic copper(II) phosphonate.}, author={Vadapalli Chandrasekhar and Dipankar Sahoo and Ramakirushnan Suriya Narayanan and Raymond J. Butcher and Franscesc Lloret and Emilio Pardo}, journal={Dalton transactions}, year={2013}, volume={42 23}, pages={8192-6} }