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A heuristic usability evaluation of a computerized provider order entry ( CPOE ) technology

  title={A heuristic usability evaluation of a computerized provider order entry ( CPOE ) technology},
  author={Qingyi Li and S. Douglasa and A. S. Hundta and Pascale Carayona},
Several studies have identified usability problems with CPOE. We performed a heuristic evaluation of a CPOE technology implemented in an academic hospital. User interface design features of this CPOE technology were evaluated against a variety of widely accepted usability heuristics and user interface design guidelines. The severity of the problems and redesign priority for each problem were also evaluated. In addition, we shared and discussed our redesign recommendations with the CPOE… 

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Figure 2. Illustration of Usability Problem 5
  • Figure 2. Illustration of Usability Problem 5