A herpetotheriid marsupial from the Oligocene of Bugti Hills, Balochistan, Pakistan

  title={A herpetotheriid marsupial from the Oligocene of Bugti Hills, Balochistan, Pakistan},
  author={Jared Crochet and J L Welcomme},
Didelphimorph marsupials were widely distributed in Asia during the Cenozoic, but their occurrence in the Indian sub− continent has not so far been demonstrated. Here, we de− scribe a new herpetotheriid marsupial Asiadidelphis akbar− bugtii sp. nov. from the early Oligocene Bugti Member of the Chitarwata Formation, Bugti Hills, Pakistan. The discovery of the herpetotheriids in the Oligocene of Pakistan repre− sents the most southern occurrence of the family, which was thought to have occurred… CONTINUE READING

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