A hereditarily indecomposable $ {\mathcal{L}_{\infty}} $-space that solves the scalar-plus-compact problem

  title={A hereditarily indecomposable \$ \{\mathcal\{L\}\_\{\infty\}\} \$-space that solves the scalar-plus-compact problem},
  author={Spiros A. Argyros and Richard Haydon},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
We construct a hereditarily indecomposable Banach space with dual space isomorphic to ℓ1. Every bounded linear operator on this space is expressible as λI + K, with λ a scalar and K compact. 
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This construction answers a question of Argyros and Haydon ("A hereditarily indecomposable space that solves the scalar-plus-compact problem").
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  • V. Ferenczi
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1999
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In [GM] a Banach space X was constructed such that every operator from a subspace Y ⊂ X into the space is of the form λIY→X +S, where IY→X is the inclusion map and S is strictly singular. In this