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A guide to quantum groups

  title={A guide to quantum groups},
  author={Vyjayanthi Chari and Andrew Pressley},
Introduction 1. Poisson-Lie groups and Lie bialgebras 2. Coboundary Poisson-Lie groups and the classical Yang-Baxter equation 3. Solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation 4. Quasitriangular Hopf algebras 5. Representations and quasitensor categories 6. Quantization of Lie bialgebras 7. Quantized function algebras 8. Structure of QUE algebras: the universal R-matrix 9. Specializations of QUE algebras 10. Representations of QUE algebras: the generic case 11. Representations of QUE algebras… Expand
On quantum Lie algebras and quantum root systems
As a natural generalization of ordinary Lie algebras we introduce the concept of quantum Lie algebras . We define these in terms of certain adjoint submodules of quantized enveloping algebras endowedExpand
Complex Semisimple Quantum Groups and Representation Theory
This book provides a thorough introduction to the theory of complex semisimple quantum groups, that is, Drinfeld doubles of q-deformations of compact semisimple Lie groups. The presentation isExpand
On quantum Lie algebras and quantum root systems
Received 7 November 1995, in final form 15 Jaunary 1996 Abstract. As a natural generalization of ordinary Lie algebras we introduce the concept of quantum Lie algebras Lq.g/. We define these in termsExpand
Quantization of inhomogeneous Lie bialgebras
Abstract A self-dual class of Lie bialgebra structures ( g , g ∗ ) on inhomogeneous Lie algebras g describing kinematical symmetries is considered. In that class, both g and g ∗ split into theExpand
Quantum Duality Principle for Quantum Grassmannians ” in : Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry
In the theory of quantum groups, the geometrical objects that one takes into consideration are affine algebraic Poisson groups and their infinitesimal counterparts, namely Lie bialgebras. ByExpand
Induced representations of quantum kinematical algebras and quantum mechanics
Unitary representations of kinematical symmetry groups of quantum systems are fundamental in quantum theory. In this paper we propose their generalization to quantum kinematical groups. Using theExpand
Quantum Lie Algebras, Their Existence, Uniqueness and q-Antisymmetry
Abstract: Quantum Lie algebras are generalizations of Lie algebras which have the quantum parameter h built into their structure. They have been defined concretely as certain submodules of theExpand
The structure of quantum Lie algebras for the classical series ?, ? and ?
The structure constants of quantum Lie algebras depend on a quantum deformation parameter q and they reduce to the classical structure constants of a Lie algebra at q = 1. We explain the relationshipExpand
Journal of Lie Theory The Quantum Double of a ( locally ) Compact Group
We generalise the quantum double construction of Drinfel’d to the case of the (Hopf) algebra of suitable functions on a compact or locally compact group. We will concentrate on the ∗-algebraExpand
Quantum deformations of conformal algebras with mass-like deformation parameters
We recall the mathematical apparatus necessary for the quantum deformation of Lie algebras, namely the notions of coboundary Lie algebras, classical r-matrices, classical Yang-Baxter equationsExpand