A guide and guard: the many faces of T-cadherin.

  title={A guide and guard: the many faces of T-cadherin.},
  author={Maria Philippova and Manjunath B. Joshi and Emmanouil Kyriakakis and D. W. Pfaff and P. Erne and Th{\'e}rese J. Resink},
  journal={Cellular signalling},
  volume={21 7},
Cadherins are a superfamily of transmembrane proteins that mediate calcium-dependent intercellular adhesion. T-cadherin (T-cad, H-cadherin or cadherin-13) is an atypical member, lacking transmembrane and cytosolic domains and possessing a glycosylphosphatidylinositol moiety that anchors T-cadherin to the plasma membrane. This article reviews current knowledge on the biomolecular characteristics of T-cadherin,its expression and function in different tissues in health and disease and its… CONTINUE READING

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