A green laser pointer hazard

  title={A green laser pointer hazard},
  author={Jemellie Galang and Allesandro Restelli and Edward W. Hagley and Charles W. Clark},
An inexpensive green laser pointer was found to emit 20 mW of infrared radiation during normal use. This is potentially a serious hazard that would not be noticed by most users of such pointers. We find that the problem derives from an unsafe design, and describe a simple method of testing for it using common household items.An inexpensive green laser pointer was found to emit 20 mW of infrared radiation during normal use. This is potentially a serious hazard that would not be noticed by most… 

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Relevant professional bodies ought to advocate more strongly for stringent testing, quality control and licensing of DPSS lasers with a view towards government intervention to banning green laser pointer use.

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Loss of retinal function following laser pointer injury may not always be detectable using standard electrophysiological tests, despite severe focal damage to the central retina visible fundoscopically and with OCT.



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Because the authors have no proven treatment for most injuries to the retina, it must continue to strongly emphasize the use of wavelength-specific protective goggles to try to prevent future eye injuries.

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