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A gravitational action with stringy $Q$ and $R$ fluxes via deformed differential graded Poisson algebras

  title={A gravitational action with stringy \$Q\$ and \$R\$ fluxes via deformed differential graded Poisson algebras},
  author={E. Boffo and P. Schupp},
We study a deformation of a 2-graded Poisson algebra where the functions of the phase space variables are complemented by linear functions of parity odd velocities. The deformation is carried by a 2-form B-field and a bivector Π, that we consider as gauge fields of the geometric and non-geometric fluxes H , f , Q and R arising in the context of string theory compactification. The technique used to deform the Poisson brackets is widely known for the point particle interacting with a U(1) gauge… Expand


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