A gold elixir of youth in the 16th century French court

  title={A gold elixir of youth in the 16th century French court},
  author={Philippe Charlier and Joel Poupon and Isabelle Huynh-Charlier and Jean François Sali{\`e}ge and Dominique Favier and Christine Keyser and Bertrand Ludes},
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Did gold play a part in the death of a 16th century French courtesan and favourite of Henri II? 
Naming the body (or the bones): Human remains, anthropological/medical collections, religious beliefs, and restitution
It is proposed that the only element supporting arguments in favor of restitution could be the name of the individual, highlighting the importance of all identification processes for such “artifacts" and reversing the progression along the timeline from individual to scientific specimen.
Mind as Theory Engine: Causation, Explanation and Time
Author(s): Pacer, Michael D. | Advisor(s): Griffiths, Tom; Lombrozo, Tania | Abstract: Humans build theories out of the data we observe, and out of those theories arise wonders. The most powerful
Role of gold nanoparticles in advanced biomedical applications
Gold nanoparticles have generated keen interest among researchers in recent years due to their excellent physicochemical properties and are likely to have important applications in medicine and materials science.
Size Matters: Developing Design Rules to Engineer Nanoparticles for Solid Tumour Targeting
How nanoparticle size and functionalization with cancer cell specific agents impact nanoparticle delivery to tumours is explored and the utility of empirically-derived parametric models, Monte Carlo simulations, and decision matrices are demonstrated for mechanistically understanding and predicting the impact of nanomaterial features and tumour biology on nanoparticle fate in vivo.
Analytical chemistry reveals secrets of alchemy
The review collects papers on the application of analytical chemistry in revealing the history of alchemy. In addition to historical alchemical texts, preserved material remains can also be a


Pliny the Elder
A 1200-word outline of changing attitudes towards Pliny's 'Natural History' over nearly 2 millennia.
The microscopic (optical and SEM) examination of putrefaction fluid deposits (PFD). Potential interest in forensic anthropology
Samples came from archeological material, and many cytological, histological, and elemental analysis were possible, producing precious data for the identification of these remains and, in some cases, the cause of death.
Geometric morphometric methods for three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of a fragmented cranium: the case of Angelo Poliziano
It is argued that the combination of computerized virtual reconstruction and geometric morphometric methods offers a number of advantages over traditional plastic reconstruction, among which are speed, reproducibility, easiness of manipulation when superimposing with pictures in virtual environment, and assumptions control.
Qui a tué la Dame de Beauté? Etude scientifique des restes d'Agnès Sorel (1422-1450).
Conformement aux dernieres volontes exprimees dans son testament, Agnes Sorel vient de retrouver son tombeau en la collegiale Saint-Ours de Loches, le 2 avril 2005, apres 196 annees passees au Logis
Noble Metals and Biological Systems: Their Role in Medicine, Mineral Exploration, and the Environment
Introduction (R.R. Brooks). Analytical Chemistry of the Noble metals. The Analytical Chemistry of the Noble Metals (R.R. Brooks). Ecology and Environmental Science of Noble Metals. Biogeochemical
Gold concentrations in hair, nail, and skin during chrysotherapy.
It is indicated that gold has little affinity for keratinous tissues, and that determination of gold content in these tissues is not helpful in differentiating gold-toxic from nontoxic patients.
Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Slow-Acting Antirheumatic Drugs
  • S. Tett
  • Medicine, Biology
    Clinical pharmacokinetics
  • 1993
More research must be conducted into the concentration-effect relationships of the SAARDs before the pharmacokinetic characteristics of these drugs can be used effectively to optimise patient therapy.
Gold complexes in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
[Who was the "Dame de Beauté?" Scientific study of the remains of Agnes Sorel].
  • P. Charlier
  • Philosophy
    Histoire des sciences medicales
  • 2006
According to her last will Agnès Sorel has been buried in the Collegiate Church Saint-Ours de Loches. The transfer from Logis Royal gave the opportunity to authenticate her ashes and to clarify the
[Evolution of embalming methodology in Medieval and modern France (Agnès Sorel, the Duc de Berry, Louis the XIth, Charlotte de Savoie)].
Five different examples taken from personal recent analysis dealing with aristocratic bodies from French Middle Ages to modern times are discussed.