A glossary of terms used in chemical kinetics, including reaction dynamics (IUPAC Recommendations 1996)

  title={A glossary of terms used in chemical kinetics, including reaction dynamics (IUPAC Recommendations 1996)},
  author={Keith James Laidler},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={149 - 192}
  • K. Laidler
  • Published 1 January 1996
  • Chemistry
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry

Kinetic Determinations: Introduction

A historical perspective is given that covers early tests and publications to the present overall scope of kinetic determinations and a short narrative emphasizing that kinetics goes beyond determinations in analytical chemistry is emphasized.

Fundamental concepts in chemical kinetics

Students and young researchers will find in this article a clear and accurate presentation of fundamental concepts in chemical kinetics: reaction rates, elementary reactions and mechanisms, kinetic

Solubility of Ozone and Kinetics of Its Decomposition in Aqueous Chloride Solutions

Solubility of ozone and kinetics of its decomposition in aqueous solutions of NaCl and NaCl + HCl have been investigated as functions of solution composition, electrolyte concentration, and tempera...

Rates and Rate Equations

This chapter describes the basic quantities and concepts of deterministic kinetics, and the concept of reducibility is emphasized, which means that the concentration changes in all chemical system can be derived based on simple processes called elementary reactions.

KINMODEL (AGDC): a multipurpose computational method for kinetic treatment

KINMODEL (AGDC) is a kinetic computational methodology that is valid for the treatment of any reaction mechanism and that allows the determination of different kinetic and non-kinetic parameters from

Catalytic Approaches to Multicomponent Reactions: A Critical Review and Perspectives on the Roles of Catalysis

This review comprehensively describes catalyzed multicomponent reactions (MCRs) and the multiple roles of catalysis combined with key parameters to perform these transformations and Perspectives on the use of catalytic systems for improved and greener MCRs are presented.

Rate Constant of the Reaction between Ozone and Chloride Ion in an Aqueous Solution According to a Mechanism of Oxygen Atom Transfer

The effect of concentrations of Cl– and H+ ions, temperature, and ionic strength on the rate constant of the reaction between O3 and Cl–(aq) is studied experimentally. The reaction proceeds according

A brief guide to polymerization terminology (IUPAC Technical Report)

Abstract The use of self-consistent terminology to describe polymerizations is important for litigation, patents, research and education. Imprecision in these areas can be both costly and confusing.

Kinetics and thermodynamic studies of the bromination of sultams using a spectroscopic technique

Kinetics and thermodynamic studies of bromination of N-(p-substituted phenyl) -3,5- dimethyl -1, 1- dioxo-1,2-thiazine (C4H2(CH3)2SO2 N C6H4-X); {X = H, p-Cl, and p-OCH3} by using bromine(Br2) in