A global synthesis of lava lake dynamics

  title={A global synthesis of lava lake dynamics},
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Abstract Active lava lakes represent a variety of open-vent volcanism in which a sizable body of lava accumulates at the top of the magma column, constrained by the vent and/or crater geometry. The longevity of lava lakes reflects a balancing of cooling and outgassing occurring at the surface and input of hot and gas-rich magma from below. Due to their longevity and relative accessibility, lava lakes provide a natural laboratory for studying fundamental volcanic processes such as degassing… Expand
Seismicity and outgassing dynamics of Nyiragongo volcano
Abstract Active lava lakes at volcanoes can be regarded as open windows to their magmatic systems. The dynamics of such lakes may therefore provide decisive insights into deeper magmatic processes,Expand
Periodic outgassing as a result of unsteady convection in Ray lava lake, Mount Erebus, Antarctica
Abstract Persistently active lava lakes show continuous outgassing and open convection over years to decades. Ray Lake, the lava lake at Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica, maintains long-term,Expand
Unconventional filling dynamics of a pit crater
Abstract The rise and fall of magma columns is a process commonly observed in volcanoes hosting lava lakes and serves as proxy of magmatic reservoir pressure and warning for potential eruptions. ThisExpand
Open-vent volcanoes: a preface to the special issue
Open-vent volcanoes are special systems where the dynamics of sustained magmatic processes can be thoroughly investigated and where new monitoring tools can be tested and applied. They provide aExpand
Rhyolitic volcano dynamics in the Southern Andes: Contributions from 17 years of InSAR observations at Cordón Caulle volcano from 2003 to 2020
Abstract In this article I present a review of InSAR observations of ground deformation at Cordon Caulle volcano, whose 2011–2012 VEI 4-5 eruption is the best scientifically observed andExpand
Recent Activity of Nyiragongo (Democratic Republic of Congo): New Insights From Field Observations and Numerical Modeling
Nyiragongo volcano is known for its active lava lake and for major socio-economic issues which arise from future possible eruptive events having major impacts on the growing community living in theExpand
Periodicity in Volcanic Plumes : A Review and Analysis
Persistent, non-explosive passive degassing is a common characteristic of active volcanoes. Distinct periodic components in measurable parameters of gas release have been widely identified overExpand
Periodicity in Volcanic Gas Plumes: A Review and Analysis
Persistent non-explosive passive degassing is a common characteristic of active volcanoes. Distinct periodic components in measurable parameters of gas release have been widely identified overExpand
Volcanological applications of unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS): Developments, strategies, and future challenges
Unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS) are developing into fundamental tools for tackling the grand challenges in volcanology; here, they are reviewed and their diverse applications are reviewed. Expand


Shallow and deep controls on lava lake surface motion at Kīlauea Volcano
Abstract Lava lakes provide a rare window into magmatic behavior, and lake surface motion has been used to infer deeper properties of the magmatic system. At Halema'uma'u Crater, at the summit ofExpand
Pulsatory magma supply to a phonolite lava lake
Abstract A few lava lakes, like that at Erebus volcano, Antarctica, have been continuously active for decades, reaching a steady-state. We report spectroscopic and thermal observations from ErebusExpand
Implications of longeval lava lakes for geomorphological and plutonic processes at Erta 'Ale volcano, Afar
Erta 'Ale volcano, sited within the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia, is one of the least visited of perennially active, subaerial volcanoes. Satellite images recorded over the past thirty years illustrateExpand
Sustaining persistent lava lakes: Observations from high-resolution gas measurements at Villarrica volcano, Chile
Active lava lakes – as the exposed upper part of magmatic columns – are prime locations to investigate the conduit flow processes operating at active, degassing volcanoes. Persistent lava lakesExpand
Megacrystals track magma convection between reservoir and surface
Abstract Active volcanoes are typically fed by magmatic reservoirs situated within the upper crust. The development of thermal and/or compositional gradients in such magma chambers may lead toExpand
Ground-based thermal imaging of lava lakes at Erebus volcano, Antarctica
Abstract Mount Erebus, a large intraplate stratovolcano dominating Ross Island, Antarctica, hosts the world's only active phonolite lava lakes. The main manifestation of activity at Erebus volcano inExpand
Endogenous growth of persistently active volcanoes
LAVA lakes and active strombolian vents have persisted at some volcanoes for periods exceeding the historic record. They liberate prodigious amounts of volatiles and thermal energy but erupt littleExpand
A review of controls on lava lake level: insights from Halema‘uma‘u Crater, Kīlauea Volcano
The height of the lava column is a fundamental measure of open-vent volcanic activity, but little continuous long-term data exist to understand this parameter. The recent (2008–2018) lava lakeExpand
Dynamics of the Mount Nyiragongo lava lake
The permanent and presently rising lava lake at Mount Nyiragongo constitutes a major potential geological hazard to the inhabitants of the Virunga volcanic region in the Democratic Republic of CongoExpand
Stability of lava lakes
A physical model of a generic lava lake system is developed. We derive the requisite conditions for the existence of an ‘equilibrium lava lake’ in which magmastatic pressure at the base of theExpand