A global reference for fetal-weight and birthweight percentiles.

  title={A global reference for fetal-weight and birthweight percentiles.},
  author={Rafael T. Mikolajczyk and Jun Zhang and Ana Pilar Betr{\'a}n and Joao Paulo Souza and Rintaro Mori and Ahmet Metin G{\"u}lmezoglu and Mario Merialdi},
  volume={377 9780},
BACKGROUND Definition of small for gestational age in various populations worldwide remains a challenge. References based on birthweight are deficient for preterm births, those derived from ultrasound estimates might not be applicable to all populations, and the individualised reference can be too complex to use in developing countries. Our aim was to create a generic reference for fetal weight and birthweight that overcame these deficiencies and could be readily adapted to local populations… CONTINUE READING