A global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago

  title={A global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago},
  author={A. Cooper and C. Turney and J. Palmer and A. Hogg and M. McGlone and J. Wilmshurst and A. Lorrey and T. Heaton and J. Russell and K. Mccracken and J. Anet and E. Rozanov and Marina Friedel and I. Suter and T. Peter and R. Muscheler and F. Adolphi and A. Dosseto and J. Faith and Pavla Fenwick and C. Fogwill and K. Hughen and Mathew Lipson and Jiabo Liu and Norbert Nowaczyk and E. Rainsley and C. Bronk Ramsey and P. Sebastianelli and Yassine Souilmi and J. Stevenson and Z. Thomas and R. Tobler and R. Zech},
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Reversing the field Do terrestrial geomagnetic field reversals have an effect on Earth's climate? Cooper et al. created a precisely dated radiocarbon record around the time of the Laschamps geomagnetic reversal about 41,000 years ago from the rings of New Zealand swamp kauri trees. This record reveals a substantial increase in the carbon-14 content of the atmosphere culminating during the period of weakening magnetic field strength preceding the polarity switch. The authors modeled the… Expand
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