A giant cystic leiomyoma mimicking an ovarian malignancy☆

  title={A giant cystic leiomyoma mimicking an ovarian malignancy☆},
  author={Çetin Aydin and Serenat Eris and Yakup Yalçin and Halime Şen Selim},
  booktitle={International journal of surgery case reports},
INTRODUCTION Leiomyoma of the uterus is the most common type of tumor affecting the female pelvis and arises from uterine smooth muscle. The size of leiomyomas varies from microscopic to giant; giant myomas are exceedingly rare. We report an unusual case of a large, cystic, pedunculated uterine leiomyoma mimicking a primary malignant ovarian tumor on sonography and CT. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 58-year-old postmenopausal nulliparous woman presented with a history of lower abdominal pain and… CONTINUE READING
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