A genomic view of the sea urchin nervous system.

  title={A genomic view of the sea urchin nervous system.},
  author={Robert D. Burke and Lynne M. Angerer and Maurice R Elphick and Glen W. Humphrey and Shunsuke Yaguchi and Takae Kiyama and Shuguang Liang and X F Mu and Cavit Agca and William H. Klein and Bruce Peter Brandhorst and Martin Rowe and Karen Wilson and Allison M. Churcher and John Stewart Taylor and Nansheng Chen and Greg Murray and Diana Wang and Dan O Mellott and Ryszard Olinski and Finn Hallb{\"o}{\"o}k and Michael C. Thorndyke},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={300 1},
The sequencing of the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus genome provides a unique opportunity to investigate the function and evolution of neural genes. The neurobiology of sea urchins is of particular interest because they have a close phylogenetic relationship with chordates, yet a distinctive pentaradiate body plan and unusual neural organization. Orthologues of transcription factors that regulate neurogenesis in other animals have been identified and several are expressed in neurogenic domains… CONTINUE READING
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