A genome-wide screen for genes influencing conduct disorder

  title={A genome-wide screen for genes influencing conduct disorder},
  author={Danielle M Dick and T. K. Li and Howard J. Edenberg and Victor M. Hesselbrock and John Kramer and Sam Kuperman and Bernice Porjesz and Kathleen K Bucholz and Alison M. Goate and John Nurnberger and Tatiana Foroud},
  journal={Molecular Psychiatry},
While behavioral genetic studies have suggested that childhood conduct disorder is under genetic influence, studies aimed at gene identification are lacking. This study represents the first genome-wide linkage analysis directed toward identifying genes contributing to conduct disorder. Genome screens of retrospectively reported childhood conduct disorder and conduct disorder symptomatology were carried out in the genetically informative adult sample collected as part of the Collaborative Study… CONTINUE READING