A genome-wide association study of attempted suicide

  title={A genome-wide association study of attempted suicide},
  author={Virginia L. Willour and Fayaz Seifuddin and Pamela B. Mahon and Dubravka Jancic and M Pirooznia and J. S. Steele and B. Schweizer and Fernando S. Goes and Francis M. Mondimore and Dean F Mackinnon and Roy H. Perlis and Phil Hyoun Lee and Jie Tang Yan Huang and John Kelsoe and Paul D. Shilling and Marcella Rietschel and Markus M. N{\"o}then and Sven Cichon and Hugh M.D. Gurling and Shaun M Purcell and Jordan W. Smoller and Nicholas Craddock and J. Raymond Depaulo and Thomas G. Schulze and Francis J. McMahon and Peter P. Zandi and James B. Potash},
  booktitle={Molecular Psychiatry},
The heritable component to attempted and completed suicide is partly related to psychiatric disorders and also partly independent of them. Although attempted suicide linkage regions have been identified on 2p11-12 and 6q25-26, there are likely many more such loci, the discovery of which will require a much higher resolution approach, such as the genome-wide association study (GWAS). With this in mind, we conducted an attempted suicide GWAS that compared the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP… CONTINUE READING