A genome-wide association meta-analysis of prognostic outcomes following cognitive behavioural therapy in individuals with anxiety and depressive disorders

  title={A genome-wide association meta-analysis of prognostic outcomes following cognitive behavioural therapy in individuals with anxiety and depressive disorders},
  author={Christopher Rayner and Jonathan R I Coleman and Kirstin Purves and John Hodsoll and Kimberley Goldsmith and Georg W. Alpers and Evelyn Andersson and Volker Arolt and Julia Boberg and Susan M. B{\"o}gels and Cathy Creswell and Peter J. Cooper and Charles J. C. Curtis and J{\"u}rgen Deckert and Katharina Domschke and Samir El Alaoui and Lydia Fehm and Thomas Fydrich and Alexander L. Gerlach and Anja Grocholewski and Kurt Hahlweg and Alfons O. Hamm and Erik Hedman and Einar Heiervang and Jennifer L Hudson and Peter J{\"o}hren and Robert Keers and Tilo Kircher and Thomas R. Lang and Catharina Lavebratt and Sang-hyuck Lee and Kathryn J. Lester and Nils Lindefors and J{\"u}rgen Margraf and Maaike H. Nauta and Christiane A. Pan{\'e}-Farr{\'e} and Paul Pauli and Ronald M. Rapee and Andreas Reif and Winfried Rief and Susanna Roberts and Martin Schalling and Silvia Schneider and Wendy K. Silverman and Andreas Str{\"o}hle and Tobias Teismann and Mikael Thastum and Andr{\'e} Wannem{\"u}ller and Heike Weber and Hans-Ulrich Wittchen and Christiane Wolf and Christian R{\"u}ck and Gerome Breen and Thalia C. Eley},
  booktitle={Translational Psychiatry},
Major depressive disorder and the anxiety disorders are highly prevalent, disabling and moderately heritable. Depression and anxiety are also highly comorbid and have a strong genetic correlation (rg ≈ 1). Cognitive behavioural therapy is a leading evidence-based treatment but has variable outcomes. Currently, there are no strong predictors of outcome. Therapygenetics research aims to identify genetic predictors of prognosis following therapy. We performed genome-wide association meta-analyses… CONTINUE READING

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