A genetically distinct lion (Panthera leo) population from Ethiopia

  title={A genetically distinct lion (Panthera leo) population from Ethiopia},
  author={S. Bruche and Markus Gusset and S. Lippold and Ross Barnett and K. Eulenberger and J. Junhold and C. Driscoll and M. Hofreiter},
  journal={European Journal of Wildlife Research},
  • S. Bruche, Markus Gusset, +5 authors M. Hofreiter
  • Published 2012
  • Biology
  • European Journal of Wildlife Research
  • Lion (Panthera leo) numbers are in serious decline and two of only a handful of evolutionary significant units have already become extinct in the wild. However, there is continued debate about the genetic distinctiveness of different lion populations, a discussion delaying the initiation of conservation actions for endangered populations. Some lions from Ethiopia are phenotypically distinct from other extant lions in that the males possess an extensive dark mane. In this study, we investigated… CONTINUE READING
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