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A genetic algorithm approach to fitting interferometric data of post-AGB objects: I. the case of the Ant nebula

  title={A genetic algorithm approach to fitting interferometric data of post-AGB objects: I. the case of the Ant nebula},
  author={D. Macdonald and Orsola De Marco and E. Lagadec and Jun Ma and Olivier Chesneau},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
We present GADRAD, a Python module that adopts heuristic search techniques in the form of genetic algorithms, to efficiently model post-asymptotic giant branch (post- AGB) disc environments. GADRAD systematically constructs the multi-dimensional pa- parameter probability density functions that arise from the fitting of radiative transfer and geometric models to optical interferometric data products. The result provides unbiased descriptions of the object's potential morphology, component… Expand
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