A generative model of realistic brain cells with application to numerical simulation of the diffusion-weighted MR signal

  title={A generative model of realistic brain cells with application to numerical simulation of the diffusion-weighted MR signal},
  author={Marco Palombo and Daniel C. Alexander and Hui Zhang},

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Monte Carlo Simulation of Diffusion MRI in geometries constructed from two-photon microscopy of human cortical grey matter

Monte Carlo simulations based on 3D microscopy data enable estimating changes in MD and MK over diffusion times and are sensitive to cortical cytoarchitecture and its possible changes in neurodegenerative disease.

In vivo diffusion magnetic resonance imaging of the white matter microstructure from dictionaries generated by Monte Carlo simulations: development and validation

A general framework which leverages Monte Carlo simulations for the estimation of physically interpretable microstructural parameters such as indices of axon diameter and density, both in single and in crossing fascicles of axons, with no restriction on the data acquisition protocol is proposed.

Histological validation of the brain cell body imaging with diffusion MRI at ultrahigh field

This work validates a recently-developed technique for non-invasive mapping of brain cell-body (soma) size/density with DW-MRI, by using ultrahigh-field DW- MRI experiments and histology of mouse brain, and provides differential contrasts between cell layers that are less expressed in tensor analyses, leading to novel complementary contrasts of the brain tissue.

A simulation environment for diffusion weighted MR experiments in complex media

An approach is described that combines a Monte Carlo Brownian dynamics simulator capable of simulating diffusion in arbitrarily complex polygonal geometries with a signal integrator flexible enough to handle a variety of pulse sequences that provides a complete and general simulation environment for diffusion MRI experiments.

Diffusion Microscopist Simulator: A General Monte Carlo Simulation System for Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging

It is expected that this novel software tool would be substantially advantageous to clarify the interrelationship between dMRI and the microscopic characteristics of brain tissues, and to advance the biophysical modeling and the dMRI methodologies.

Complex geometric models of diffusion and relaxation in healthy and damaged white matter

The reproducibility of simulations of diffusion in complex geometries is presented and the framework is quantitative, does not require specialized hardware, is easily implemented with little programming experience, and is freely available as open‐source software.

New paradigm to assess brain cell morphology by diffusion-weighted MR spectroscopy in vivo

It is suggested that the time dependence of metabolite diffusion coefficient allows distinguishing and quantitatively characterizing brain cell morphologies noninvasively.

Convergence and Parameter Choice for Monte-Carlo Simulations of Diffusion MRI

A general and flexible Monte- Carlo simulation framework for diffusing spins that generates realistic synthetic data for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and achieves an optimal combination of spins and updates for a given run time by trading off number of updates in favor of number of spins.

Imaging brain microstructure with diffusion MRI: practicality and applications

The article summarizes the relevant aspects of brain microanatomy and the range of diffusion‐weighted MR measurements that provide to them and reviews the evolution of mathematical and computational models that relate the diffusion MR signal to brain tissue microstructure.

Realistic voxel sizes and reduced signal variation in Monte-Carlo simulation for diffusion MR data synthesis

The new method improves accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of synthetic measurements in Monte-Carlo simulation-based data synthesis, leading to reduced bias and variance in synthesised data, compared to existing implementation of MC simulations.