A generalization of the Tarski-Seidenberg theorem, and some nondefinability results

  title={A generalization of the Tarski-Seidenberg theorem, and some nondefinability results},
  author={L. Dries},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • L. Dries
  • Published 1986
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
This article points out some remarkable facts implicit in the results of Lojasiewicz [LI] and Gabrielov [Ga]. An important consequence of Tarski's work [T] on the elementary theory of the reals is a characterization of the sets which are elementarily definable from addition and multiplication on R. Allowing arbitrary reals as constants, this characterization consists of the identification of the definable sets with the semialgebraic sets. (A semialgebraic subset of R is by definition a finite… Expand
The Elementary Theory of Restricted Analytic Fields with Exponentiation
numbers with exponentiation is model complete. When we combine this with Hovanskii's finiteness theorem [9], it follows that the real exponential field is o-minimal. In o-minimal expansions of theExpand
Model completeness results for expansions of the ordered field of real numbers by restricted Pfaffian functions and the exponential function
Recall that a subset of R is called semi-algebraic if it can be represented as a (finite) boolean combination of sets of the form {~ α ∈ R : p(~ α) = 0}, {~ α ∈ R : q(~ α) > 0} where p(~x), q(~x) areExpand
Lecture 1: O-minimal Structures
In Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry the following traditional classes of sets and their geometries are considered: (1) The class of semialgebraic sets (Whitney-! Lojasiewicz, in the 50’s) (seeExpand
Euler characteristic in semialgebraic and other o-minimal groups
Semialgebraic sets (subsets of Rn defined by polynomial inequalities) and (discontinuous) semialgebraic maps form a category with many of the desirable properties of the category of finite sets,Expand
Geometric categories and o-minimal structures
The theory of subanalytic sets is an excellent tool in various analytic-geometric contexts; see, for example, Bierstone and Milman [1]. Regrettably, certain “nice” sets—like { (x, x) : x > 0 } forExpand
Alfred Tarski's Elimination Theory for Real Closed Fields
  • L. Dries
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1988
This survey considers some of the remarkable and totally unforeseen ways in which Tarski's theorem functions nowadays in mathematics, logic and computer science. Expand
On Grothendieck's tame topology
Grothendieck's Esquisse d'un programme is often referred to for the ideas it contains on dessins d'enfants, the Teichmuller tower, and the actions of the absolute Galois group on these objects orExpand
Let M be a first-order structure with underlying set A. We would like to assign to each set S c A m that is definable (with parameters) in M a dimension dim(S) which is invariant under definableExpand
Tits Buildings and the Model Theory of Groups: Introduction to the Lascar Group
The aim of this article is to give a short introduction to the Lascar Galois group GalL(T ) of a complete first order theory T . We prove that GalL(T ) is a quasicompact topological group in sectionExpand
On the Elementary Theory of Restricted Elementary Functions
  • L. Dries
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1988
Every formula ϕ in the natural language of ( R RE, constants) is equivalent to an existential formula with the extra property that for each x ∈ R m such that ϕ ( x ) is true in R RE there is exactly one y ∉ R n such thatψ ( x, y ) istrue in RRE . Expand


This paper introduces and begins the study of a well-behaved class of linearly ordered structures, the ¢minimal structures. The definition of this class and the corresponding class of theories, theExpand
Tarski's Problem and Pfaffian Functions
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses Tarski's problem and presents Pfaffian functions. Tarski's theorem establishes a link between the algebraic–analytic structure of the real field and itsExpand
Remarks on Tarski's problem concerning (R, +, *, exp)
Publisher Summary The chapter presents the elementary theory of the structure (R , + , .), and the results could be extended to the structure (R, +, ., exp). Some aspects of on (R , + , .) areExpand
A Decision Method For Elementary Algebra And Geometry
By a decision method for a class K of sentence (or other expressions) is meant a method by means of which, given any sentence θ, one can always decide in a finite number of steps whether θ is in K;Expand
Triangulation of semi-analytic sets
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Definable sets in ordered structures
On introduit la notion de theorie O-minimale des structures ordonnees, une telle theorie etant telle que les sous-ensembles definissables de ses modeles soient particulierement simples
Projections of semi-analytic sets
Triangulations of algebraic sets