A generalization of Gabriel's Galois covering functors and derived equivalences

  title={A generalization of Gabriel's Galois covering functors and derived equivalences},
  author={Hideto Asashiba},
  journal={arXiv: Representation Theory},
  • H. Asashiba
  • Published 29 July 2008
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Representation Theory
Covering theory, (mono)morphism categories and stable Auslander algebras
Let $\mathcal{A}$ be a locally bounded $k$-category and $G$ a torsion-free group of $k$-linear automorphisms of $\mathcal{A}$ acting freely on the objects of $\mathcal{A},$ and
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Derived Equivalences of Actions of a Category
This work investigates derived equivalences of those oplax functors, and establishes a Morita type theorem for them, which gives a base of investigations of derived equivalence of Grothendieck constructions of those Oplaxfunctors.


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