A general classification of New World Leishmania using numerical zymotaxonomy.

  title={A general classification of New World Leishmania using numerical zymotaxonomy.},
  author={Elisa Cupolillo and Gabriel Grimaldi and Hooman Momen},
  journal={The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene},
  volume={50 3},
More than 250 strains of Leishmania isolated from different localities and hosts in the New World were analyzed by enzyme electrophoresis, and their electromorphic profiles were compared with 19 reference strains representing most of the described species of this parasite. The 18 enzymic loci analyzed were very polymorphic, and the strains were classified into 44 zymodemes, each grouping strains with the same enzyme profiles. Each zymodeme was considered as an elementary taxon and the phenetic… CONTINUE READING
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