A genealogy of queerbaiting: Legal codes, production codes, ‘bury your gays’ and ‘The 100 mess’

  title={A genealogy of queerbaiting: Legal codes, production codes, ‘bury your gays’ and ‘The 100 mess’},
  author={Elizabeth Ann Bridges},
  journal={The Journal of Fandom Studies},
  • E. Bridges
  • Published 1 June 2018
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Fandom Studies

Exploring the boundaries of the parasocial contact hypothesis: an experimental analysis of the effects of the “bury your gays” media trope on homophobic and sexist attitudes

ABSTRACT Once ignored by the popular media, sexual and gender minority (SGM) characters have become increasingly visible in recent decades. According to the parasocial contact hypothesis, favorable

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Online fandom communities as networked counterpublics: LGBTQ+ youths’ perceptions of representation and community climate

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“Think About the Children”: Agency and the Politics of Childhood Innocence in Queerbaiting

Health and Society, La Trobe University, Australia, within the discipline of Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies. For his doctoral research, he examined the phenomenon of queerbaiting utilizing

‘It’s just absolutely everywhere’: understanding LGBTQ experiences of queerbaiting

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Bury and Unbury Your Gays in The Adventure Zone

In contemporary mainstream media there is a tendency to represent LGBTQ+ characters stereotypically, or even kill them off. This trope is called ‘bury your gays’ and it has done much to discredit and