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A gauge theoretic aspects of parabolic bundles over Klein surfaces

  title={A gauge theoretic aspects of parabolic bundles over Klein surfaces},
  author={Sanjay Amrutiya and Ayushi Jaiswal},
In this article, we study the gauge theoretic aspects of real and quaternionic parabolic bundles over a real curve (X, σX), where X is a compact Riemann surface and σX is an anti-holomorphic involution. For a fixed real or quaternionic structure on a smooth parabolic bundle, we examine the orbits space of real or quaternionic connection under the appropriate gauge group. The corresponding gauge-theoretic quotients sits inside the real points of the moduli of holomorphic parabolic bundles having… 




We study a certain moduli space of irreducible Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections on a unitary vector bundle over a punctured Riemann surface. The connections used have non-trivial holonomy around the

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  • M. AtiyahR. Bott
  • Mathematics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1983
The Yang-Mills functional over a Riemann surface is studied from the point of view of Morse theory. The main result is that this is a ‘perfect' functional provided due account is taken of its gauge

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Abstract. We give analogous criterion to admit a real parabolic con-nection on real parabolic bundles over a real curve. As an application ofthis criterion, if real curve has a real point, then we

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Let X be a smooth algebraic curve, proper over l the field complex numbers (or equivalently a compact Riemann surface) of genus g. Let J be the Jacobian of X; it is a group variety of dimension g and