A galaxy group candidate at z ~ 3.7 in the COSMOS field

  title={A galaxy group candidate at z ~ 3.7 in the COSMOS field},
  author={N. B. Sillassen and S. Jin and Georgios E. Magdis and Emmanuele Daddi and John R. Weaver and Raphael Gobat and V. Kokorev and Francesco M. Valentino and Alexis Finoguenov and Marko Shuntov and C. G{\'o}mez-Guijarro and Rosemary T. Coogan and Thomas R. Greve and Sune Toft and David Blanquez Sese},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
We report a galaxy group candidate HPC1001 at z ≈ 3 . 7 in the COSMOS field. This structure was selected as a high galaxy overdensity at z > 3 in the COSMOS2020 catalog. It contains ten candidate members, of which eight are assembled in a 10 (cid:48)(cid:48) × 10 (cid:48)(cid:48) area with the highest sky density among known protoclusters and groups at z > 3. Four out of ten sources were also detected at 1.2 mm with Atacama Large Millimeter Array continuum observations. Photometric redshifts… 

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MeerKAT Science: On the Pathway

  • A&A,
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2022) and the COSMOS2015 catalog (Laigle et al

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  • 2016

mJy for 1 mm continuum detections, respectively. We show extreme cases in literature from Wang et al

  • Daddi et al
  • 2021

HPC1001 is highlighted in green, showing the highest density at z >

  • 2012

The weighted averages are z = 3.65

  • 2016