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A further toxicological comparison of Derris and Lonchocarpus.

  title={A further toxicological comparison of Derris and Lonchocarpus.},
  author={M A Jones and Caleb Pag{\'a}n},
  journal={Journal of agricultural research},
  volume={78 7},
In a recent article ^ a report was made of a toxicological comparison of some authentic samples of roots of Derris and Lonchocarpus varieties. In the work therein described several types of Derris and Lonchocarpus were used, each of which was represented by one or two samples of roots grown in the same location. The report showed derris root to be generally superior to lonchocarpus root even when the rotenone content was equal. The present report deals with a similar comparison of the same… 

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A Study of Rotenone from Derris Roots of Varies Location, Plant Parts and Types of Solvent Used

Derris elliptica which is known locally as ‘tuba’ plant contains rotenone, a well-known bio-active compound that has the potential to be used as bio-pesticide. Bio-pesticide is the best-known