A functional cerebral response to frightening visual stimulation.

  title={A functional cerebral response to frightening visual stimulation.},
  author={Gustav Wik and Mats Fredrikson and Kaj Ericson and Lars Ove Eriksson and Sharon Stone-Elander and Torgny Greitz},
  journal={Psychiatry research},
  volume={50 1},
The defense reaction, a fundamental reflex in the human behavioral response to threat, is characterized by anxiety and increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system. To study changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) related to the defense reaction, volunteers with snake phobia were investigated with positron emission tomography. The relative rCBF during phobogenic visual stimulation was increased in the secondary visual cortex but reduced in the hippocampus, orbitofrontal… CONTINUE READING
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