A fully depleted lean-channel transistor (DELTA)-a novel vertical ultra thin SOI MOSFET

  title={A fully depleted lean-channel transistor (DELTA)-a novel vertical ultra thin SOI MOSFET},
  author={Digh Hisamoto and Tooru Kaga and Yoshifumi Kawamoto and Eiji Takeda},
  journal={International Technical Digest on Electron Devices Meeting},
  • D. Hisamoto, T. Kaga, E. Takeda
  • Published 3 December 1989
  • Engineering
  • International Technical Digest on Electron Devices Meeting
A fully depleted lean channel transistor (DELTA) having a gate structure and vertical ultrathin SOI (silicon-on-insulator) structure with selective field oxide is reported. In the deep submicron region, selective oxidation is useful for achieving SOI isolation. It provides a high-quality crystal and a Si-SiO/sub 2/ interface as good as those of conventional bulk single-crystal devices. Using experiments and simulation, it was shown that the gate structure of DELTA has effective channel… 

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